Vehicle Electrical Work

Electrical systems play a critical role in the operation of automobiles. A lot of the operation of your automobile is controlled by the alternator, battery, and other electrical and electronic systems; if these components start to malfunction, it can be deadly, particularly if they include burning wires. There may be a number of reasons for electrical malfunctions in your vehicle but more often than not, it is simply that the alternator needs to be replaced since it is deteriorating.


Symptoms that your car’s electrical system needs help:


  • The engine does not Start – An electrical drain, a failed starter, or a dead battery are the common culprits when an engine won’t crank and start. These invisible drains could originate from anywhere and drain your battery completely. Usually, when you turn the ignition key and nothing happens, you’ll hear a clicking sound.
  • Burning Odour – Your car’s electrical system is composed of cables, wires, and fuses, much like any other electrical system. The wires are protected by tubing because they are in a combustion engine. Pull over and turn off the engine if you smell burning rubber, which may be coming from the electrical wire casing.
  • Battery Problems – It’s usually time to replace the battery in your car if it is about three to five years old. Corrosion on the battery terminals or a bulging or broken battery cover is a clear sign that the electrical system in your car’s battery is malfunctioning.
  • Dashboard Warning Light – Something is wrong with your car if the battery light or check engine light comes on and won’t go off. Your vehicle’s onboard computer could quite possibly be receiving an error signal from the electrical system.
  • Component Slow-Down – Electricity powers every part of your car, including the lights, which will alert you to any issues with the electrical system. The head, tail, and cabin lights will dim and flicker in this situation. Your entertainment system and power windows will be sluggish or abruptly quit working.
  • Blown Fuses – Just as in your home, electrical surges in your car will blow a fuse. If you find yourself frequently changing fuses, your car probably has an electrical issue.


What do our Electrical Services include?

  • Complete Electrical Diagnosis
  • Head and Tail Light Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Fixing Power Windows, Media Player and Radio
  • Alternator Examination

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