Tires Sales and Purchasing

The tires of your car take a battering every time you drive, just like your feet get uncomfortable after a long walk. Generally speaking, this is not a symptom of poor driving but rather an unavoidable reality. You want to be aware of when your tyres are in poor condition so you can get new ones before something goes wrong because a tyre failure, while you are driving, can be catastrophic, sending your car off the road or leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere without an easy way out.


How to know that you need a tire alignment, rotation and balancing or new tires?


  • Tire Bulges – The tire’s outer layer can occasionally start to deteriorate. The end outcome may be a bulge or blister that protrudes from the surrounding surface. If you don’t take your car to the service centre when this happens, it can wind up placing you in the hospital when the tyre blows out on the road.
  • Tread Wear – One of the best ways to tell if you need new tires is to check the wear bars on the tires, your tire needs to be replaced if the tread pattern has worn all the way to the wear bar.
  • Tyre Pressure – If one of your tires deflates gradually yet quicker than the others, it may have been under-inflated. The tyres may require rotation or puncture repair, among other things.
  • Vehicle vibration – When you’re driving, listen out for vibration or banging. Your tyres may be out of alignment or imbalanced or your shock absorbers may be beginning to fail. However, it might also be a sign of an issue with the tire’s internal structure.
  • Steering Vibration – Lack of correct wheel alignment might result in steering disturbance and shaking. Driving is unpleasant if your steering continues to vibrate.
  • Squealing Tires – Tires that are out of alignment wear down at varying rates and angles. Because the tyres aren’t aligned, you can hear a squeal when you accelerate or turn a corner.
  • Off-Center Steering Wheel – Your wheels are out of alignment if your steering wheel is crooked. The steering wheel is supposed to be at the exact middle of the car. Check the steering’s logo in the centre when travelling along a straight route to see whether it is out of alignment.


What does our tire services include?


  • Tire Change
  • Tire Alignment
  • Wheels Rotation and Balancing
  • Purchase of Used Tires
  • Selling All Kinds of New Tires


Your safety is our top priority. Your car will operate more safely on the road if the tires are decent. Your car might not be able to manage weather conditions like snow and rain when its tires are worn out.  Additionally, worn tires can hasten the deterioration of other sections of your car.  Since tires are a principal part of your vehicle, our staff and technicians assist you with tyre selection, financing, installation, and preventive maintenance to extend the life of your tyres.

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