Wheel Alignment Centre

Wheel Alignment refers to the mechanical adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension system to change the direction and angle of the tire’s contact with the road. Wheel alignment at One to One Auto, Tires and Wheel Alignment Centre is performed using touch-less laser technology by our specialists.
Laser Wheel Alignment may sound complicated but is a relatively simple process. This procedure makes sure that the wheels of your vehicle are in their ideal position by using light beams. The machinery was set up here since laser wheel alignment can be ten times faster and a hundred times more accurate than traditional alignment methods. It also makes getting an alignment more affordable and much quicker.


Why is wheel alignment important?


Being in control is always satisfying, this is even more true when it comes to operating a vehicle. A driver’s ability to feel in control of the steering and tires of their vehicle, which are its points of contact with the road, is particularly important in fostering the driver’s confidence.
The manoeuvring characteristics of a vehicle can affect its overall safety, therefore wheel alignment is a crucial component of vehicle maintenance. In addition to improving safety and handling, maintaining proper alignment can also lengthen the life of your tires and prevent wear, giving you the best return on your investment while simultaneously improving fuel consumption. Optimally aligned wheels not only enhance the vehicle’s control and steering but also shorten braking distances.


What are the causes of misaligned wheels?


  • The sudden jolting or strong impact brought on by collision with anything, such as a pothole, a curb, or an accident.
  • Components like suspension springs that are worn out may cause changes in wheel alignment.
  • When the suspension has not been adjusted to fit the height modification. If you change your car’s height without simultaneously changing the suspension, your wheels are likely to become out of alignment because a vehicle’s suspension is built to function at a specific height.


How do you know if your wheels are misaligned?


Your steering wheel is not centred – Your steering wheel should be nearly straight and centred if you are not turning. If you are unsure, check the centre of your wheel for the logo. If it appears to be out of alignment, your car is probably overdue for maintenance.

Sloppy manoeuvre – One of the potential causes of steering that feels a little sloppy or unsteady in your car is bad wheel alignment. A loose wheel causes your car to feel a little unsteady and makes it necessary for the driver to make tiny changes. Get your alignment corrected because that is probably what is causing it.

The steering wheel does not return to the centre – The steering wheel should instinctively re-centre itself after a turn. Of course, you must continue driving to make the turn, but if you observe that your steering wheel does not attempt to return to the centre, your alignment is likely incorrect.

Your car veers to one side – Try travelling straight on a road devoid of any curves or bends. Is there a tug in one direction or the other in your car? Pay attention to whether you need to use one hand more so than the other to keep it straight. If so, your vehicle is probably out of alignment.

Uneven tire wear – If you notice that one of your tires has taken more battering than the others, your wheels are likely misaligned. Tire wear is one of the most easily noticeable signs that your car needs alignment.

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