Car Sales and Purchasing


Buy or sell used vehicles with assurance from One to One Auto, Tires and Wheel Alignment Centre. We assist you in finding the best car that suits both your needs and your pocket.

Every certified vehicle we sell includes the following complimentary extras as a part of our commitment to you:

  • Dependable preowned cars – Buying a used car can be one of the best decisions you make since it saves you a lot of money on insurance and registration while also depreciating at a slower pace than a new one. The cars we sell are all in excellent condition to give you a nerveless experience.
  • Safety certificate – Every car that we sell comes with a safety certificate ensuring that it adheres to minimum safety standards set by the Ministry of Transportation keeping you out of harm’s way when on the road.
  • Vehicle History Report – Various details about an automobile are included in a vehicle history record, including past owners, odometer readings, damage, accidents, or repairs. Buying a second-hand or used car may be tricky thus the provision of having a report about the car’s history may help you come to a decision quicker.
  • Complete interior & Exterior Cleaning – Before a vehicle is up for selling, we make sure that the interior and exterior are both as good as new, spotless and shining.
  • No hidden or administrative Fee – We assure you that the price quoted is the price you have to pay with absolutely no additional charges.




You search for the best bargain possible while selling your car. That is precisely what you receive at One to One.
We may be the location you are looking for to sell your automobile at the greatest price and receive various extra benefits, whether it is because it is simply no longer comfortable to drive or you have grown bored of it.

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