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Whether it is a manufacturer-recommended maintenance check or a complication you ran into while driving your car, we are here to get you out of our dilemma. We specialize in Wheel Alignment and rotation, Suspension systems, Electrical and Engine work, Brake repairs, Muffler replacement and much more.

Wheel Alignment Centre

Wheel Alignment Centre Wheel Alignment refers to the mechanical adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension system to change the direction and angle of the tire’s contact with the road. Wheel alignment at One to One Auto, Tires and Wheel Alignment Centre is performed using touch-less laser technology by our specialists. Laser Wheel Alignment may sound complicated


Uber Safety Certificate

Uber safety Inspection Uber does not let just any car to start picking up customers and driving around. There are a number of regulations for Uber cars that must be fulfilled, including a comprehensive vehicle inspection. You cannot become an Uber driver without fulfilling the prerequisites and passing the examination, however passing this inspection need


Tires Sales and Purchasing

Tires Sales and Purchasing The tires of your car take a battering every time you drive, just like your feet get uncomfortable after a long walk. Generally speaking, this is not a symptom of poor driving but rather an unavoidable reality. You want to be aware of when your tyres are in poor condition so


Safety Inspection Certificate

Safety Inspection In general, a government check to ensure that automobiles are secure for the road is known as a vehicle safety inspection. A vehicle’s compliance with the most recent EPA emissions requirements can be verified by including an emissions test with each inspection. One to one Autos, Tires and Wheel Alignment Centre is an


Oil and Filter Replacement

Oil and Filter Replacement   Your engine depends on oil to function. By lowering friction, eliminating wear, lubricating metal engine parts, and creating a seal between the pistons, rings, and cylinder walls, it makes cooling possible. Without the cleaning action of fresh oil, the engine would be subject to the detrimental effects of carbon and


Muffler Install & Repair

Muffler Repairing and Installation A muffler is one element of a car’s exhaust system tasked with lessening the noise generated by engine combustion and exhaust gas evacuation. A collection of perforated tubes are used to construct the interior of a muffler. The noise that escapes from your car is reduced because to these tubes’ ability


Front and Rear Suspension

Front and Rear Suspension The suspension system of a car is a crucial component of its mechanical machinery. It supports the weight of the car and, more crucially, suspends the tyres thanks to a sophisticated assembly made primarily of shock absorbers and struts. In comparison to how much attention we pay to the car’s engine,


Vehicle Electrical Work

Vehicle Electrical Work Electrical systems play a critical role in the operation of automobiles. A lot of the operation of your automobile is controlled by the alternator, battery, and other electrical and electronic systems; if these components start to malfunction, it can be deadly, particularly if they include burning wires. There may be a number


Car Sales and Purchase

Car Sales and Purchasing QUALITY PREOWNED VEHICLES FOR EVERY BUDGET Buy or sell used vehicles with assurance from One to One Auto, Tires and Wheel Alignment Centre. We assist you in finding the best car that suits both your needs and your pocket. Every certified vehicle we sell includes the following complimentary extras as a


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